PAX 2020 Exclusive Pin Set!

Every pin sale = more mental health resources for gamers

Press 'A' For Better Mental Health

For a limited time, you have the chance to secure your own PAX Pinny Arcade 2020 4-button pin set – and to support CheckPoint in creating mental health resources for the gaming community.

Pre-order the set of 4 today, and we’ll send them right to your door after PAX.

What will you create?! The possibilities are only as limited as the games you have played!

Want to brighten someone’s day? Make the Sun’s Song from Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

If you feel like you need a few extra lives, you could create the classic Konami Code.

Or maybe you want to recreate the config of your favourite controller?


With this pin set you can proudly show your love for gaming, and your support for a life-changing charity: CheckPoint.


You can learn more about Pinny Arcade here.

About the work that CheckPoint does

What Your Purchase is Supporting

For Gamers

CheckPoint provides resources to improve the wellbeing of those who play games.

A pro-mental health gaming community, for peer support. Including hangouts and a Game A Month Club.
The CheckPoint Series
An online video series tackling mental health issues using the power of video games.
Digital Mental Health Resources
Information, articles, courses and downloads to educate and teach self-care.

For Developers

Self-care for devs and mental health representation advocacy.

The AAA Model
A practical self-care guide for developers, and more products in the works.
Public Speaking
6 GDC talks (and counting) about mental health for devs.
Learn how (and why) to represent mental illness with accuracy and empathy.

For Streamers

Help your audience and support your own content creation.

Mindful Streaming
Streaming daily to promote mental health awareness, reduce stigma and connect those in need with valuable resources.
Supporting Streamers
We’ve got a free mental health resource pack for streamers (and their audience!)
Mental Health Mods
Mental Health Mods
Talk to the community, answer questions, signpost to support resources and guide conversations in the right direction.

For The Future

We want to change the world using video games.

We’re currently working on the write-up of our first clinical study.
Watch this space for exciting news…
Responsible Gaming
Providing education for parents, teachers and health professionals.
Level Up Your Wellbeing

Why Not Add The Coping Companion?

The Coping Companion

All prices are in US Dollars.

This high quality, illustrated card deck is a powerful tool containing over fifty evidence based tips for dealing with everyday stress and anxiety, as well as crises, distress and panic symptoms. Take the entire deck or just pick out the cards which resonate with you!


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