About CheckPoint

CheckPoint provides mental health resources for gamers and the gaming community.

Our missions are to raise awareness for mental health issues, reduce stigma, and improve wellbeing in our community. We are passionate about using video games for positive wellbeing and resilience.

Because CheckPoint is run by both mental health and games industry professionals, our reach spans across both industries and ensures the information we provide is accurate, relevant and implementable.

We are passionate that what we do will change the face of mental healthcare and video game culture forever.

Our Mission

To raise awareness of mental health issues, help those in need, and to reduce stigma.

Our Vision

A global gaming community which feels safe and well, in a world where games are used to treat mental health issues.
CheckPoint's Activities

What We Are Doing

For Gamers

CheckPoint provides resources to improve the wellbeing of those who play games.

Positive Gaming Resources
A selection of the most commonly mentioned games for mental health and wellness.
The Coping Companion
The CheckPoint Coping Companion is a personalised wellbeing assistant that you can use in any way that suits you.
Digital Mental Health Resources
Information, articles, courses and downloads to educate and teach self-care.

For Developers

Self-care for devs and mental health representation advocacy.

The AAA Model
A practical self-care guide for developers, and more products in the works.
Public Speaking
6 GDC talks (and counting) about mental health for devs.
Learn how (and why) to represent mental illness with accuracy and empathy.