Announcing the CheckPoint 2020 Pin Set!


For a limited time between PAX South and PAX East (January 19th to March 1st 2020), you’ll have the chance to secure your own PAX Pinny Arcade 2020 4-Button Pin Set – and to support CheckPoint in creating mental health resources for the gaming community.

Pre-orders for the full set will open after PAX South closes in San Antonio next week. All those who secure the set of four high quality pins in advance will get a delivery right to their door after the entire set has released post-PAX Australia.

The pin set is designed to be simple and cute as well as highly customisable. Supporters can get just their favourite design, or multiples of each, and create their own cheat codes, songs and other button combos from the world of gaming. The possibilities are only as limited as the games you have played!

With this pin set you can proudly show your love for gaming, and your support for a life-changing charity: CheckPoint.



PAX Australia has been a huge part of CheckPoint’s outreach strategies over the past few years, and we’re thrilled to be able to expand to the USA cons. These shows are a valuable opportunity for us to reach out to a whole new audience, and to share our messages:

  • It’s totally normal to have mental health issues.
  • It’s okay to get help, and to help yourself.
  • We’re here to support you in tough times.


With tens of thousands of people passing through the convention each day, we are able to promote positive wellbeing and resilience, as well as to get our resources into even more hands. Throughout PAX South, East and West (as well as Aus!) we’ll have a presence. Our awesome team of volunteers will be raising awareness for mental health issues, fundraising for the cause by selling awesome merch (like these pins!) and distributing our free mental health resources.


So, if you’re at PAX this year, please stop by and say hey!


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