50% of people have a mental health issue during their lifetime.

This number may be even higher in gamers.

Make a difference – support your community by supporting CheckPoint.



As an event director it’s really important that I supply our patrons with everything they need. But I forgot one important thing. And CheckPoint provides everyone with that one crucial experience. A safety net.

RTX is filled with fans of everything gaming and internet related. With the atmosphere, the thousands of people, an then maybe their favourite YouTube star walks passed. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. With CheckPoint involved it was nice to know there were professionals ready to help at a moments notice.

I saw a direct benefit in supporting causes like CheckPoint because of the safety it provides the people at RTX. No matter the situation, that’s worth it.


– Cam Rooney, RTX Australia

Supporting CheckPoint was a no brainer for us at AKRacing as we know that our community receives the direct benefits of what CheckPoint provides. CheckPoint understands the mental health implications of video games and seamlessly connects our community with resources they can understand and access in their everyday life. We’ve heard firsthand from some members of our community how much CheckPoint’s existence helped them through some dark times.


– Chiara Pagano, AK Racing

We as a group have been impacted by, and know people who have been impacted by mental health issues, so once we heard of the work that CheckPoint was doing, it was an easy decision to make. We understand the good that games can do for mental health, because we’re our own case study on it.

CheckPoint have started a very important conversation. Not only about the great things that games can do (instead of the usual narrative of their negative aspects), but also about mental health in general, which is too often stigmatised and hidden in discourse because of shame or embarrassment.

Several family members have taken up certain games at the recommendation of CheckPoint for wellness purposes, and it’s been a great initiative to support and I’m very proud to say I helped make it happen.


– Michael Sloane, GenerOZity

Our Audience


  • In the last 12 months alone we have presented at GDC (60 min lecture on the main advocacy track), IndieCade GameU (keynote), AVCon, Oz Comic-Con, ACS, Unite, GCAP, PAX Australia, and Play By Play NZ and VRDC.
  • Direct audience estimated 2000 – 4000.
  • Potential audience (including video hits) estimate 40,000 – 50,000.
  • Includes consumers, developers, allied professionals.
  • We are a reliable deliverer of content – GDC ratings were 97% positive (85% “excellent”), top 5 presentation in advocacy track.


Convention chill-out space attendees

  • 100-150 visitors per day
  • Each visitor spends an average of 30 minutes in the space
  • Visitors spend most of their time engaging with room activities – ie colouring in, and using the devices and apps
  • Feedback overwhelmingly positive
  • Each event we distribute 500 flyers and are seen on social media: avg 33000 views, 850 engagements per tweet

The Benefits

  • Improves visibility to socially conscious consumers
  • Offer customers the opportunity to engage on a different emotional level
  • Makes your organisation more accessible to a wider audience
  • Enhances credibility
  • Tax benefits
  • Differentiates you from your competitors
  • Being supportive of mental health issues in the workplace provides benefits to recruitment and reduces employee turnover
  • Corporate social responsibility has been shown to have positive effect on company culture – boosts engagement and improves morale

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CheckPoint Copyright 2017, ACN 612816841 ABN 50612816841. We are an Australian Health Promotion Charity with TCC and DGR Status.

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