How BreatheLuv Helped me Survive my Anxiety

How BreatheLuv Helped me Survive my Anxiety

What do you do when your anxiety flares up on holiday?

Recently I took my first holiday in a long time. I was super excited to get away from the stresses of work and life, especially since just before going, my anxiety had gotten particularly bad. I had thought that just having some time off meant that I would immediately feel better. But of course, anxiety decided to come with me. It happens all the time, doesn’t it? You schedule time for self care, for you to relax, to have fun, but that doesn’t mean your mental health is automatically, ‘cured’. Anxiety obscures what you’re trying to achieve, to the point you don’t believe it’s achievable. What can you do?

For me, I turned to mindfulness and self care apps. Specifically BreatheLuv, which had just come out a few weeks before I left. I opened it up for the first time, not knowing what to expect. But 5 minutes later when I closed it, I felt a lot calmer.

BreatheLuv’s Night Mode

BreatheLuv doesn’t commit you to anything. There’re no tutorials, no set meditation times. The app is solely designed with the user in mind. Upon opening up, I was immediately greeted with calming music and imagery of a flower in bloom. This flower continued to bloom as text reading “Breathe In” and “Breath Out” faded across the screen. I focused on the screen and controlled my breathing in time with the app. Soon I found my eyes closing, and just listened to the sound cues, while continuing to breathe mindfully. Being able to open this app up at anytime over the course of my time away helped me work through my anxiety, and really appreciate and enjoy my holiday.

Choose different rhythm’s for what you need.

Currently, BreatheLuv is available for iOS. I’d recommend BreatheLuv to anyone who feels daunted by committing themselves to a timed or guided meditation. Just knowing that you control how you practice your self care can make all the difference. And the stunning imagery doesn’t hurt either.