CheckPoint #PlayApartTogether Challenge

CheckPoint #PlayApartTogether Challenge

To take part in the CheckPoint #PlayApartTogether Challenge, use the hashtag and tag us on Twitter! We’ll share your entries and collate the best challenges together to make a motivational post about social connectivity in times of hardship. 



Mental Wellbeing is often modelled as standing on three pillars – our psychological, emotional and social health.

Paying attention to all three can give vast benefits to our mood and mental health. But how do you tend to your social needs, maintaining a balanced social life, when you can’t even go outside?

Due to the coronavirus many states and countries are now recommending – or even enforcing – a practise called “social distancing”. This means not coming closer than 2 metres from other people. Some folks have to stay in their homes and non-essential businesses are closed, including places where you might meet friends and socialise. This of course makes it difficult to feel connected with others, increasing a sense of isolation.

But being physically alone doesn’t mean you have to be socially alone.

We can see that our community is vulnerable right now, and we all need to look out for each other. So, CheckPoint are advocating and promoting the #PlayAloneTogether movement. Next week we are setting a challenge – to connect with others, via video games, in a way you haven’t done before.

It might mean reaching out to someone in your audience you’ve never spoken to, or playing a game in a new way that promotes community involvement. Perhaps you could try a multiplayer game you’ve been thinking about for a while! Or invite an old pal you lost touch with for a round of Words With Friends. Anything goes as long as it’s social and promoting positive mental wellbeing.

Here’s some ideas!



  • Make an audience vote Sims house! What will your Sim look like and where will they live? It’s down to the viewers to vote…
  • Open up your Animal Crossing island to subs, and operate a community gift-exchange session! Everyone who comes has to bring a present for someone else.
  • Start a “Connect Through Covid” channel on your discord for people who are struggling with isolation to come together with other audience members who have a shared interest (you!!)



  • Do a Q&A on Twitter to help players feel connected to the people who make the games they love! Doesn’t necessarily need to be about the game itself, you could take questions on anything and bring a meaningful connection to those who admire you.
  • Run a screenshare stream or even a personal chat with someone in the community who is particularly isolated. Let them in on a behind-the-scenes look at what they have to look forward to.
  • Make a mod for your favourite game, including your friends or audience!




  • Create an “interactive story” game on your Facebook timeline. Everyone who comments contributes to the next chapter of the tale! See how long it can get, and what happens when you leave it up to your friends!
  • Reach out to someone you lost touch with and strike up a conversation about your favourite video game.
  • Play a new board game! Tabletop Simulator is a great way of playing games in a different way, and you can connect with folks from all over.



Remember to share your #PlayApartTogether ideas with us, via Twitter @CheckPointOrg, so we can show them to the world! We believe that as a group we can really unite to end the isolation some of our community are experiencing.