CheckPoint Welcomes Alanah Pearce and Guy Blomberg to Board

CheckPoint Welcomes Alanah Pearce and Guy Blomberg to Board

CheckPoint’s Board Expands, Gaining 25+ Years Experience and Three Awesome Members

It is our absolute pleasure to welcome Alanah Pearce and Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg to the CheckPoint team. Additionally, we are thrilled that our social media and community manager, Pritika Sachdev, has officially joined the board!

CheckPoint’s board is a group of people who are dedicated to the cause and passionate about mental health. They make important decisions on behalf of the company and help to direct what we do. We are privileged to be welcoming aboard these incredible individuals, with their extensive backgrounds and combined decades of experience. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise will help CheckPoint to reach new audiences and guide our activities. We’ll find new ways to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and create even more implementable gamer specific mental health resources.

With them, we are confident that we can change even more people’s lives for the better.


A Time to Recap

Welcoming new faces, the turn of the year and looking forward to 2019 is a perfect opportunity to see evaluate our progress – to see how far we’ve come. Part of our public obligations as a charity are to perform in a way that is transparent, honest and always for the greater good. To keep our audience up to date – and to show what we do with the donations we’re so grateful to receive – we’ve created and released our first Biennial Report for  financial years 2017-18. You can view it here.


So What’s In Store?

It’s a super exciting time for CheckPoint. With Alanah, Yug and Pritika’s help, we are launching a new project that we believe will help gamers all over the world:

The CheckPoint Coping Companion. This will be a pocketbook which contains over 100 unique exercises, activities, tips and prompts to help you cope with anxiety, stress, panic, distress and anything else that is preventing you from living your fullest life. Each page will be illustrated by talented artists, many of whom have already stepped up and submitted completed pieces! Personalise yours by selecting the pages that resonate with you and create something truly individual, which you can literally carry with you, that will get you through every day – your own companion.

I cannot wait to start production and share this with you. It’s just so wonderful, and something that will improve lives everywhere. So please do stay tuned (you can join our mailing list to keep informed!) and join me in welcoming in 2019 and the three newest members of our family.