CheckPoint’s Self-Care Guide

CheckPoint’s Self-Care Guide

Tips on how to improve wellbeing – written by and for people who love video games.

People tend to think about this in different ways. Here at CheckPoint, we believe that your wellbeing is something very personal to you, and is made up of lots of different factors. This might include your relationships with other people, how you feel about your job or school, and your general level of happiness and satisfaction with your life.

We like to think that everybody has a wellbeing “toolbox” – their own unique collection of ways they deal with life, with the goal of having the best mental wellbeing.

Your toolbox might not be the same as someone else’s, even if they are super close to you. It’s made up of things that only you have. What kind of personality do you have? What are your existing strengths and weaknesses? How do you think about challenges? What stresses you out? Do you prefer to spend time alone or with other people? How do you like to relax? Where do you want to be in the future, and what are you doing to get there?

With the right tools, everyone can flourish. But some tools are more useful than others! Most people use “faulty” tools as well as good ones – like having a smoke or an alcoholic drink after a rough day. They can make things feel better in the short term, but can be unhealthy over time. Other tools are always useful, such as using mindfulness meditation to improve self awareness. And some tools vary depending on how you use them – like concentrating on work – this is a great healthy way of distracting from stress, but if it is used too much it can also be bad for you.

What’s in your wellbeing toolbox?


What Can You Do With This Guide?

You Can…

  • Top up your wellbeing toolbox
  • Learn new ways to relax and manage stress
  • Level up your resilience
  • Hack your thinking patterns
  • Find some great video games for mental wellness


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