Happy holidays from CheckPoint!

Happy holidays from CheckPoint!

We’ve had an incredible year. From the Kickstarter, to actually being privileged enough to film and produce the CheckPoint Series. Then there was PAX and the opportunity to partner with the incredible Child’s Play. And of course the launch of GamerMates – the internet’s first pro-mental health gaming community.



Phew! Time for a break.

With all this in mind, we hope you are all doing fabulously, and that you have a fulfilling holiday season. Our wonderful social media manager Pritika has lined up a steady stream of your favourite inspiring tweets and posts, to keep you going. Meanwhile, we’ll be taking a break, and hope you get to do the same.

During this time, GamerMates won’t have day to day moderation, but if you see anything that requires our attention you can of course still message us at any time.


This was my attempt at a Christmas tree in the BotW DLC


Stay safe – and we’ll see you soon.