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What If I Change My Mind?

You can downgrade your membership at any time. We won’t have any hard feelings 🙂 Similarly if you want to upgrade, you can do that at any time too! AND each tier comes with the option to donate to CheckPoint – which is tax deductible in Australia.

What Is GamerMates+?

It’s a more exclusive version of GamerMates just for our Chips, Flagbearers and Heroes. GamerMates is a pro-mental health gaming community where you can get together to play, chat, and make friends.

Free Games?!

Yes!!! Thanks to our very generous donors we can offer our members free Steam keys for heaps of games. We’ll send our Flagbearers and Heroes a new game every couple of months (or until our supply runs out).

Why Isn’t Everything Free?

Running a nonprofit isn’t free! We want to provide you with the absolute best resources we can, to improve wellbeing, do research, develop games, and more. This means we pay staff, we travel, we buy devices and games for our community to use – the list goes on.

But The Mental Health Stuff Is Free, Right?

Yes, absolutely. And it always will be. Our model means that all our personal mental health resources are unlocked with the basic free account, and the cool extra added stuff for supporters is for higher tiers. It helps us remain sustainable.

Why Aren’t You Using Patreon?

We’re planning to, but this is easier for now 🙂

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