PatchGaming: A CheckPoint Community

A CheckPoint Community


PatchGaming reaches out to people who are suffering from mental illnesses. It is a community in which they can interact with others who are also suffering from similar issues.

PatchGaming’s goal is to create an environment which provides an outlet for all its members to express themselves, be accepted, and reduce stigma in mental health. We do this with a focus on games that people can play together, and to connect gamers with like-minded individuals, whom they can talk, play, and relate with in a place that encourages positivity and acceptance.

There is a voice channel called “I Need To Talk” with trained listeners who can be there to lend a helping hand in tough situations. PatchGaming, like CheckPoint, is unable to provide formal counselling, but can act as a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen if you need it. There’s also general chat, events, and a wonderful range of mental health resources just for you.

PatchGaming doesn’t operate under the same “Safe Space” policy as CheckPoint’s server and is a great entry point if you want to find out what this is all about. If you feel overwhelmed or are sensitive, try CheckPoint out first and see how things go.

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A donation to the Patch Gaming server means we can:

  • Pay for server space
  • Host gaming sessions
  • Recruit listeners
  • Create resources and merchandise
  • Keep existing

So please consider giving whatever you can.