The AAA Model: A Mental Health Self-Care Guide for Game Devs




This high quality, 28-page printed handbook is a unique self-care manual designed for game developers. 

The AAA Model is a framework that CheckPoint have pioneered, specifically applicable for the games industry. It is generalised enough to be widely applicable, but brief enough that it can be applied to even the busiest person during the heaviest of crunch times. It focuses on key facets of mental health, thinking and behaviour, and encompasses all key aspects of wellbeing (psychological, physical and social health).

The handbook contains information and blank worksheets to complete – allowing you to practise what you have learned, making objective and measurable improvements to your wellbeing and resilience.

We recommend one booklet per team member.

Specs: Printed on matte coated paper (100-170 gsm), available in A4 (recommended) or A5.


Best used in adjunct with these GDC Lectures :

Invent a Game, Reinvent Yourself

An Evidence-Based Mental Health Model for Game Developers

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A4, A5

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