Small Games to Play on the Go These Holidays

Small Games to Play on the Go These Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and it can be a wonderful time of the year! Or it can be intensely overwhelming. Spending prolonged periods of time with family, having to exchange gifts or even just the constant pressure to complete the tasks before the year ends is enough to make anyone’s head spin. So we thought we’d put together a small list of small games. All of these are available on iOS and Android so you should be able to play them on the go, wherever you may be. So let’s get to it!


ZenKoi 2

ZenKoi 2 is a bit of a rinse and repeat game, breed koi fish, feed and evolve them, then breed once more. On the surface it feels like you’ve “Gotta Catch Them All”, but it’s so much more. The way you control your little fish is by gently sliding your finger across the screen, which allows you to explore the beautiful pond in your own time. Complemented by a peaceful soundtrack, this wonderful game distracts you by providing small tasks that you can achieve at your own pace.



We’ve talked about Viridi a number of times before, and for good reason. Viridi provides you with a small pot of succulents, that you must water every few days. While taking care of plants irl is quite daunting, Viridi eases up on the amount of responsibility required. Only needing to water the plants every few days means that you can check in on them whenever you want without there being this insane pressure of them dying. Plus, if a plant does die (as all eventually do) you are given the option to throw it into the garden, so you feel like you’re giving back to nature rather than having destroyed something.


Little Things Forever

Little Things Forever is built of an incredibly simple premise, find the objects hidden on the screen. I love this game as it’s reminiscent of those hidden object books I used to borrow from the library as a child. If you’re looking for a simple distraction to take your mind off things just for a few minutes, this game is the one for you.


Furistas Cat Cafe

What’s not to love about a cat cafe? Collecting cute kitties is always a win in my book. It’s incredibly heartwarming to watch your customers filter in, get super excited as they meet their companion for the afternoon, snuggle them to their heart’s content and then leave all happy and satisfied. Plus you can decorate your cafe with cute cat related items. It’s tender, sweet and comforting.



#selfcare wants you to stay inbed all day. It wants you to leave your worries at the door, and just take a moment for yourself. Every choice made in this game is designed to make you feel just a little bit better. Just a little more relaxed so you feel like you can take on your next set of tasks. It’s complete catharsis and we can’t recommend it enough.


Two Dots

In Two Dots, you do exactly as the game says, you connect two dots of the same colour together. The more dots of the same colour you connect, the more likely your score is going to go up. Everything from the sounds to the visuals in this game feels calming. It’s satisfying watching the connections happen, plus the levels are quick and relatively easy to get through meaning you can play them at anytime.



A great game for people who like to puzzle solve in a relaxing environment, ZenBound is very simple – you wrap a long thread of rope around various shapes. This doesn’t sound like much, but as the shapes get more and more complex the challenge increases. It’s so satisfying to fill in that last segment.


This list is by no means complete, but it’s definitely a good start if you’re looking for a calming experience these holidays.