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Mark Szili
Web Editor

Mark is currently an Associate Engineer / Desktop developer, providing 3rd level Windows desktop/server and MS Office support for 35,000 public servants across the Victorian Government. Recently in his spare time, he volunteers to help start up or admin various Mental Health online websites and social media communities such as CheckPoint. He is also an active member of the Microsoft Windows Insider Program. Before his two kids arrived (Max in 2015 and Madeline in 2017), he was the Web Content Manager for Melbourne based video game TV shows; New Game Plus and Level 3. He is also a qualified Electronics Technician having also worked in the Solar Inverter and Transformer manufacturing industry in the 00’s.

Mark is diagnosed with Adult ADHD and has secondary conditions such as Anxiety, Depression with symptoms of poor working memory, dysgraphia, mild dyslexia and more recently burnout when becoming a new dad.

His current goal is to Advocate and help reduce the stigma of ADHD and Mental Health conditions in general, by openly talking about how they have impacted his and others lives.

Mark started his life as a gamer in 1984 when his dad brought home a commodore 64 and has gamed on almost every console and PC since then, he loves Racing and 2d/3d Platformer games. His favourite game franchises are Sonic and Wipeout.

He currently games on Xbox One X and Windows 10. His Xbox Live and Discord GT is A55imilat0r. Yes he also loves Star Trek.