The Power of #SelfCare

The Power of #SelfCare

#SelfCare by TRU LUV is a game that revels in taking the time to care for ourselves. It encourages us to slow down and go at our pace. We can just stay in bed if we wish, there’s no rush in needing to face the world. Which I honestly didn’t know how much I needed that until I opened the game.

While #SelfCare has been out for a little while now, they just released their new journal feature. A small journal can now be found right above the avatars bed. Much like the concept behind journaling in real life, this feature encourages us to reflect on what we’re currently thinking and feeling. However, rather than providing us with a blank template that could just be our notes app, #SelfCare features a range of prompts, such as “Maybe we could write about something that makes us feel fortunate.” or “Maybe think about whether the universe is our safe space.”



As someone who has tried journaling as a self care tactic before, I loved this feature. Especially the use of the prompts. Often I’ve given up on journaling in the past as the idea of a blank page sitting in front of me is so overwhelming that I stop before I can even begin. Having prompts provided help centre you and hone down what is actually bothering you. You can go as deep and intricate as you’d like, or just write a sentence or two. The game looks after you either way.



#SelfCare is built upon the premise of treating the player with kindness, so it’s no surprise that the rest of the game is just as thoughtful. Every prompt that comes up on screen encourages you to look after yourself in someway. At one point the game screen went dim and asked me questions like “How does your face feel, are you frowning?” and then took me through a mini breathing exercise. As someone who unconsciously tenses her body, I really appreciated this little prompt reminding me to relax. In fact, everything in this game is crafted in such a way to remind us that there are small ways we can look after ourselves.



The remainder of the mini games encourage us to be thoughtful of what’s around us. Perhaps today we need to pick up our laundry. Or draw our tarot cards. Or spend time at our altar. These options are all there to help us reflect and move forward with our day. And if we’re not feeling any of those activities right now, we can pick up right where we left off later on. You only have to do so if you feel up to it. And that’s how the game treats its players. You only have to do anything if you feel like it. There are no punishments, no fail states and no negativity. Which is a nice break from the world around us honestly.

#SelfCare is now available on the Apple App Store. For more information on #SelfCare and TRU LUV, ​visit their official website​, like them on ​Facebook​ or follow the studio on ​Twitter​.