Meet Friends

Our volunteers leave every con with a new group of like-minded friends who love games, and helping others.

Free Passes

Every time you volunteer for CheckPoint you get free entry to the entire convention, on us, as a thanks for your time.

Have Fun

Fundraisers, team events and more – being a CheckPoint volunteer is more than just chill out rooms!

Offline Volunteer Signup

We always need help at conventions and events across the globe. Right now our opportunities are in Australia, NZ, USA and UK but this might change at any given moment so we love keeping a pool of keen individuals from all over!

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Online Volunteer Signup

These opportunities are all digital and can be participated in anywhere in the world. We are so grateful for all our incredible volunteers and try to reward them as much as possible with cool CheckPoint swag and by being a really supportive, wholesome community. We appreciate all submissions and all help! No suggestion is off the table. If you want to help - in any way - please get in touch.
  • If you are in the CheckPoint GamerMates discord, please put your username so we can assign you a volunteer role. If you're not in the discord, please join us!
  • Please describe if you have any other skills or suggestions that might be of benefit to CheckPoint. Anything goes, we appreciate all help!
  • If your volunteering will be skills based, what kind of qualifications or experience do you have in the field? No minimum requirements, this just helps us 🙂

CheckPoint Copyright 2017, ACN 612816841 ABN 50612816841. We are an Australian Health Promotion Charity with TCC and DGR Status.

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