Welcoming Dr Shelley Xia and Pritika Sachdev to the CheckPoint Team


June has been a huge month for us here at CheckPoint. We started by achieving our funding goal on Kickstarter, securing $63,000 for The CheckPoint Series. We recently met with our producers and have begun scripting, aiming to commence filming this August. I’m thrilled to have on board Dr Casimir Liber, Consultant Psychiatrist, who is assisting us in writing our content to ensure it is all evidence-based and relevant to our audience.




Welcoming Dr Shelley Xia and Pritika Sachdev to the CheckPoint Team


As CheckPoint has grown and changed, so has its board. It has been a bittersweet time for us, as we say goodbye to Jane Cocks. Not only did Jane help bring CheckPoint to fruition, but her contributions, support and enthusiasm for the cause have been much appreciated and will be missed. We wish her all the best in everything she does.

While these are big shoes to fill, I am sure that our new Director, Dr Shelley Xia, is up to the task. We’re thrilled to announce that Shelley is coming together with us on the CheckPoint board, and we’re sure her expertise and passion will be indispensable to us in the future.





The exciting news doesn’t stop there – we’re also very grateful to have Pritika Sachdev on the team as our community and social media manager. Pritika has been incredible for CheckPoint in such a short space of time, and we’re so excited to work with her.


So please join me in welcoming Shelley and Pritika aboard the CheckPoint team!



Thanks to Child’s Play, We’re Also Reaching Our Community

We are currently hiring for the position of Community Education Leader – the role required to ensure we can deliver our community services in NSW and Victoria (and later, a much broader audience!). After training and development, we will roll out our Game Therapy and Playing It Safe programs later this year – please watch this space. Our current target is to have direct interactions with 2200 vulnerable people, and further reach out to another 8000 via our digital activities. We are so excited to be able to meet our local community in this way, having a positive influence on people in Australia who have or may be vulnerable to having a mental illness. Our programs teach how play can be an important part of wellbeing, how to stay safe when using video games and social media, and it gives community staff who meet people first line a much greater understanding of how video games and mental health intersect.


Game Therapy



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