The Year in Review and Happy Holidays!

What a year for CheckPoint! And we only existed for half of it!


I’ll take this opportunity to say, from my heart, thank you so much to everyone who has supported us in any way, and helped us to realise this dream of starting a charity connecting my two favourite things – video games and mental health. We have already achieved so much, and it’s all because of you.

We literally cannot grow without our community rallying behind us, and I’ve seen such acts of generosity and people really open themselves up to us. It’s inspiring and incredibly validating. Thank you.


2016: The Year in Review

With everyone’s help, we have managed to cram as much activity into our year as possible. This included:


Phew! I’m exhausted, but I’m totally ready to get moving and look forward to what is to come. I’m super excited about our approaching activities, and having the opportunity to realise some of our dreams. So without further adieu, this is what is to come for 2017.


The Year Ahead

We announce our Four CheckPoints – the key objectives we are going to focus on in order to connect mental health care with video games and technology.

Objective A) Bring Video Games to Vulnerable Communities

  • Activity 1) Design and deliver Game Therapy sessions throughout ANZ
  • Activity 2) Continue providing wellbeing spaces at events and conventions worldwide – in collaboration with ReachOut Australia


Objective B) Support Mental Health in Gaming/Tech Communities

  • Activity 3) Roll out our tech-specific “Workplace Wellbeing Workshop” (face-to-face and online) – in collaboration with SANE Mindful Employer
  • Activity 4) Video series on mental health, video games, and much more
  • Activity 5) Continue to deliver high quality lectures at events to help game dev communities with mental health



Objective C) Strengthen Evidence for Video Game Technology (Research and Development)

  • Activity 6) Clinical Research
  • Activity 7) Develop a model for integrating e-CBT into psychology practice in Australia
  • Activity 8) [Secret app development project]


Objective  D) Improve Knowledge around Gaming, Tech, and Mental Health Implications

  • Activity 9) Design and deliver “Healthy Gaming – A Resource For Young People” (face-to-face and online)
  • Activity 10) Design and roll out the “Video Game Education Session” for Health Professionals
  • Activity 11) Continue to provide consultation to improve the representation of mental illness in games
  • Activity 12) Produce informative articles based on clinical evidence and exciting news
  • Activity 13) Create a network of psychologists/other mental health professionals to share knowledge, opportunities and advice


And of course that’s not even mentioning my favourite goal of all: our establishment in wonderful New Zealand.

Also, I finally played The Last of Us, so that was pretty important.

So what do you think? It’s looking to be a busy but very rewarding time! Which is your most anticipated activity? How could we improve and what gaps have we left? I’d love to hear from you.


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, that you keep playing safely, look after yourself, and continue to offer us all the support you can muster.


The CheckPoint Team <3

CheckPoint Copyright 2017, ACN 612816841 ABN 50612816841. We are an Australian Health Promotion Charity with TCC and DGR Status.

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