You are not alone. In fact, 30-50% people suffer mental health issues at some point in their life.

They are completely treatable, and you need not suffer in silence. Unfortunately, only 1/3 of those affected seek help.

CheckPoint is a charity that provides mental health resources for gamers and the gaming community.

Our missions are to raise awareness for mental health issues, reduce stigma, and improve wellbeing in our community. We are passionate about using video games for positive wellbeing and resilience.

CheckPoint’s Discord Communities

PatchGaming is a community in which people with mental illnesses can interact with others who are also suffering from similar issues. Our goal is to create an environment which provides an outlet for all its members to express themselves, be accepted, and reduce stigma in mental health.

There is a voice channel called “I Need To Talk” with trained listeners who can be there to lend a helping hand in tough situations.

GamerMates is a pro-mental health gaming community which promotes resilience and self-care as well as providing tips and resources for your wellbeing. We have gaming sessions, the “game of the month” club, dozens of channels and much more. We operate under a safe space policy so this is a great entry point if you feel overwhelmed or are sensitive.

Upcoming GamerMates Hangouts

Simply sign up and join us in the CheckPoint discord where we arrange sessions and share session details.
Attendees must adhere to the GamerMates guidelines.

01may1:00 pm3:00 pmStardew Valley Hangouts!

06may6:00 pm8:00 pmGamerMates Overwatch Hangout

08may1:00 pm3:00 pmStardew Valley Hangouts!

10may4:00 pm6:00 pmGamerMates Tabletop Simulator Hangout

13may11:00 am1:00 pmGamerMates Overwatch Hangout

15may1:00 pm3:00 pmStardew Valley Hangouts!

20may6:00 pm8:00 pmGamerMates Overwatch Hangout

22may1:00 pm3:00 pmStardew Valley Hangouts!

From the CheckPoint Blog....

CheckPoint Copyright 2017, ACN 612816841 ABN 50612816841. We are an Australian Health Promotion Charity with TCC and DGR Status.

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