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Nathanael Peacock

Editor Nathanael is a journalist and editor based in Sydney. He works with the team of Checkpoint writers and volunteers to create stories for the Check

point blog. This involves taking personal stories about mental health, wellbeing and psychology and helping writers to share their experiences and help others. As a journalist, Nathanael’s stories can be found on Checkpoint, but also on IGN Australia, Junkee, Power Up Gaming and others. These stories most often combine gaming with history, psychology and sociology to look at how games influence our lives. Nathanael is an advocate for mental health and specifically related to chronic pain and mobility issues. Nathanael has had four spine reconstruction surgeries and extensive pain management treatments for chronic pain. Gaming has played a huge part in rehabilitation and coping with these ongoing treatments. Professionally, Nathanael has worked in public relations and communications for five years, helping organisations tell interesting stories and communicate with the public. Nathanael has been a gamer since the mid nineties, dipping into everything from strategy games to RPGs. His favourites include Final Fantasy and the Total war series. Lately he’s been getting into Dungeons & Dragons, and is currently DM-ing his first campaign for a group of volunteer paramedics.