Dark/Demon’s Souls

Dark/Demon’s Souls

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Dark Souls/Demon’s Souls

The CheckPoint community says…

Some folks (me) would argue about “0” in relaxation graph. Despite popular opinion not all people find this games such challenging as it presented. But (specifically first dark/demon) they have very unique atmosphere of slow decay, despair, hopelessness. Environment and NPCs strengthened this atmosphere. And some weird people (me) found kind of relaxation and escapism in being in this environment and exploring this world.

While the story in the Dark Souls Series is hidden in item description and NPC dialog it’s an amazing one once you piece things together. You play as a “hero” that’s tasked with relinking the flame, a cycle that prevents the world to delve into darkness. It provides a unique challenge full of extremely tough tasks, beautiful created world meant for exploration as you’re given close to none directions where even the easiest monsters can kill you in 3 hits. The plethora of unique NPC’s and the story behind them is amazing to explore. This is truly one of the games you must play at least once before you die.