Desert Golfing

Desert Golfing

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Minimalist golfing sim


Desert Golfing

The CheckPoint community says…

There’s not a whole lot actually going on in this game. It’s a near infinite set of randomly generated side-scrolling golf courses. Due to it’s minimalism it’s very relaxing, and there’s not much going on to actually distract you from what you’re doing. I’ve used this game to get myself in to almost a meditative state in the past. The difficulty on a whole is almost not there for the first 2000 courses or so, but after that it ramps up. The majority of the courses past that point are still very easy, but you run into some that might take hundreds of strokes and hours of time. I find those courses in particular to be the most relaxing, just trying over and over again until I eventually get past the course. Because of the nature of the game it’s impossible to really be immersed in the game, at least in the traditional sense. On a escapism level however, I find it works very well, for the same reasons outlined earlier.