Stardew Valley Mondays


Join the GamerMates pro-mental health community in Stardew Valley Mutiplayer on Steam!



The most exciting news of all has come to CheckPoint: we have our very own farm! Come along to our invite-only server, where an unlimited number of GamerMates can play co-op with us. We ask you respect the creations of others and their items and the normal GamerMates language/behaviour rules apply. Have fun!


General Multiplayer Stuff

  • I’m the host and my name is Grammy :older_woman:
  • We live on CheckPoint Farm, with our cat, “Doggo”
  • You get your own cabin!
  • We share the same money and farmland
  • We each have our own energy bar, experience points, skills and our own relationships with NPCs
  • We can all get married but each NPC can only have one spouse
  • Players can marry each other and have children


Simply sign up and join us in the CheckPoint discord where we arrange sessions and share session details.



Mondays 11am Australian Eastern / Mondays 1pm New Zealand / Sundays 5pm Pacific / Sundays 8pm Eastern